City partnership with Fréjus in Southern France

The very intensive town partnership with Fréjus in southern France exists since 1963 and is therefore one of the oldest town partnerships in Germany.

For the big 50th anniversary in 2013, over 600 Tribergs traveled to the French Mediterranean coast to celebrate accordingly the event.

The contact for this long-term partnership is the Freundeskreis Triberg-Fréjus e.V.

Sponsorship for the 295 tank artillery battalion in Stetten a.k.M.

The origins of the sponsorship for the 295 tank artillery battalion in Stetten a.k.M. goes back to 1962, when soldiers from the Immendingen base at that time helped to build the ski lift on the Geutsche in Nußbach - district of Triberg.

Therefore, up to today, public appeals and solemn vows by the soldiers in Triberg take place consistently.


The extraordinary personality and  because of the beneficial work of Baron Lazarus von Schwendi, who has been the lord of the Triberg domain at the end of the 16th century, has led to the association called “Schwendi Union”, formed especially of cities in Southern Germany and neighboring Alsace.

Schwendi actively promoted the city's first hospital.