Entertainment Music in gastronomy-businesses of Triberg

To round up the event-program in Triberg, the city offers Entertainment Music every 14 days in various gastro-businesses.

The two musicians Hans-Paul Herr, known as „De Giege“ as well as Andreas Hehl, entertain guests and locals from 7 p.m. in Triberg restaurants and pubs.

Hans-Paul Herr mainly offers entertainment and dance music from oldies to current hits. He has been an enthusiastic musician for over 50 years now, loves to sing, plays the saxophone, clarinet and transverse flute. You are welcome to dance at his performances.

Trumpeter Andreas Hehl presents his wide range. From trumpet classics to Oldies and hits, from Latin American titles to Pop and current chart hits – everything is present.

The Friday music always starts at 7 p.m. Admission is free.The event locations will be announced in the press in good time.
You can also get information on this from the Tourist-Info Triberg.