Cuckoo clocks

World Biggest Cuckoo Clock at Eble Uhrenpark

This superlative clock in the

Eble Uhrenpark
Schonachbach 27 in Triberg

was recreated on a scale of 60: 1 of an original movement of a cuckoo clock and can be viewed in - and outside.

The superlative clock is a completely unique custom-build production. The largest wheel diameter is 2.60 m. The work has a weight of 6 tons, the pendulum is 8 m. The construction time was 5 years.

Phone: + (49) (0) 7722 96220
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World´s smallest Cuckoo Clock

The smallest mechanical cuckoo clock with the size of 13,5cmand a cuckoo call and a gong at half and full hour has been produced in the former Clock Factory (Design protection of the German Patent Office, Munich)

Uhrenfabrik Hubert Herr
Hauptstraße 8 in Triberg

It can therefore be called the “world's smallest cuckoo clock”. The special thing about it: Everything was still made by hand. Both-the wooden parts, the metal parts of the clockwork made of brass and steel, as well as the carving parts for the decoration.

You can see the world's smallest cuckoo clock in the Schwarzwaldmuseum Triberg,
Wallfahrtstraße 4

Phone: +49 (0) 7722 866490

Even more - all about the cuckoo clock

You have the possibility to admire and buy many different kinds of the famous Black Forest Clocks in many shops in the clock town Triberg.

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There you can wave out of an oversized cuckoo clock.
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The original biggest Cuckoo Clock.
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