Historical features

Between street lighting and Between street lighting and figure skating championships

Did you know, that Triberg…

… is to be considered as main town of Black Forest cuckoo clocks?

 … organized the toughest one-day cycle race in Germany for several years?

… had the first electric street lighting in Germany in 1884?

… with its noble hotels was considered one of the most renowned tourist destinations?

… presented an "International Winter Sports Exhibition" in the winter of 1909/10?

… owned the world's first electric ski lift?

… builted one of the first natural bobsleigh tracks in Germany?

… was the seat of its own rule and administrative district over 650 years until 1924?

… has been the venue of the European Figure Skating Championships in 1925?

… has the lowest point in the Black Forest-Baar district at 490 m and the highest point in the district at
1,155 m is barely 10 km away?