Sweet temptation based on an original recipe

In 1915, Josef Keller had the idea of ​​placing a chocolate base under cherries with cream, added a shot of Kirschwasser (liquor) and decorated it with chocolate sprinkles. The guests in, at that time called Café Agner in Bad Godesberg were delighted. Later on, in his own café in Radolfzell, he refined his creation and passed the knowledge on to August Schäfer, who, after completing his apprenticeship, brought the original recipe to Triberg in 1929. His son Claus Schäfer from the former Café Schäfer, Hauptstr. 33 in Triberg, made the Black Forest cake exactly according to the original recipe, which has been available in the Café Schäfer.

In the traditional cafés and in many Triberg restaurants, this gourmet cake with fans all over the world, is still made according to the traditional recipe.

In the “Landgasthof Lilie”, Wallfahrtstr. 3 in Triberg, there are possible presentations about the production of the Black Forest Cake for groups up from 10 people with reservation in advance. During this 10-minutes demonstration, visitors can follow the making of a cake with expert explanations.

Info: Phone +49 (0)7722 4419

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