Welcome to the historical city exploration!

Not only the Highest Waterfalls in Germany invite you to explore in Triberg, but also its interesting history as a city and administrative district:

Originally an imperial fiefdom from the Lords of Triberg, then a lien in front Austria, later the administrative district of the Grand Duke of Baden.

Did you know that Triberg is the capital of the Black Forest cuckoo clocks, that Triberg had the first electric street lighting in Germany, that the world's first electric ski lift was located here, that Triberg had a natural bobsleigh track, that Ernest Hemingway came to Triberg because of the Black Forest trout, and that Triberg, with its noble hotels, was one of the most renowned international tourist destinations in the Black Forest at the end of the 19th century?


Then have fun exploring Triberg!
You will find further interesting details on the hand-colored information boards in German and English, which are placed on site all around in Triberg.

Map of the historical city tour

Board locations on the historical city tour

Bord locations

1. Waterfall Main Entrance

13. Castle hill

2. Schwarzwaldmuseum

14. Carnival fool Fountain

3. House Bogoljubow

15. Protestant church

4. Schwendistraße

16. Former Schwarzwald-Hotel

5. Former Tavern „Löwen“

17. Former hospital

6. City Hall

18. Messmerhäuslè

7. Plan-city Triberg

19. Holy places

8. Triberg-Land

20. Pilgrimage church „Maria in der Tanne“

9. Alte Schmiede (Old Smithy)

21. Bergsee (Mountain lake)

10. Catholic church

22. „Ehrenmal“ (Memorial)

11. Honorary citizen Opitz (1916-2009)

23. Felsenhäuslè

12. Amtshaus (Former office house)


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