Black Forest clock carrier XXL

According to the legend of the Black Forest clock carrier, the Black Forest clockmakers had carried their products on their backs to distant countries.

The world-famous Black Forest cuckoo clock has been transported like this from the very beginning until the middle of the 18th century. The initial success of the Black Forest cuckoo clock would probably not have been possible without its early marketing.

After years of the possibility to visit the world´s smallest and the world´s largest cuckoo clocks it was actually obvious to perfect these two attractions.

That is why the Parkhotel Wehrle has let carved the world's largest cuckoo clock carrier, which is now the world's largest clock carrier due to its height of over 4 meters.

Here you have the possibility to see current Black Forest carving craft which is traditionally associated with the Black Forest like the cuckoo clocks.

In order to introduce the world's largest clock carrier, which has found its place by the Parkhotel Wehrle, to all visitors, its "little" brother, who is also one of the larger Black Forest clock carriers with 2.20 m, was placed in the entrance of the waterfall with a hint where to find its big brother.