One of the most famous mountain railways

The Black Forest Railway connects the Upper Rhine lowlands with the Lake Constance area on a 149 km long route from Offenburg to Singen am Hohentwiel. The Hornberg - Triberg - St. Georgen section is particularly attractive. The attraction is not only the harmony of the railway systems connected with nature, but the creation itself is today still considered as a masterpiece of engineering.

The brilliant Baden engineer Robert Gerwig (1820 to 1885) created bold curves and dark tunnels with his Black Forest Railway, which was completed in 1873. With a height difference of around 670 meters and a maximum gradient of 20 per mill, the railway with 37 tunnels and a viaduct is one of the mountain railways with the greatest number of tunnels and the fewest in bridges in the world.

It has become one of the best known and an example for many other mountain railways in the world.

There are special trips with the Black Forest Railway several times a year in historical wagon as well as with the historical steam locomotive. Experience three hours of pure Black Forest Railway adventure.

The current dates and information about the romantic tunnel ride on the historic Black Forest railway trail can be found here.


The Black Forest Railway Adventure Trail introduces hikers and railway fans to the history of the construction and the continually operation of the Black Forest Railway between Hornberg, Triberg and St. Georgen.

On a delightful panoramic route, visitors experience the eventful and exciting history of the Black Forest Railway with its numerous tunnels and terminal loops, which is told and vividly illustrated using lively examples.

The adventure path is divided into two tours, which can also be combined with each other. The starting and ending point is the Triberg train station, where an old steam locomotive can be admired. Along the way there are 16 stations, equipped with original railway material, which explain the construction and technology of the Black Forest Railway.

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