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Cuckoo clocks

Manufacture of cuckoo clocks in Triberg

Following the ancient traditions of the cuckoo clocks, they are still made in Triberg. Would you like to visit the production? - Take a visit to Hubert Herr. Visit the website

Even there are a lot of shops in the city of Triberg, where you can buy the many varieties and admire the famous Black Forest clocks. And there are even more cuckoo clocks!

To admire and visit the world's two largest cuckoo clocks and the 8 meters  wide and traditional hand carved Black Forest Cuckoo Clock!

In Schonachbach
The world's largest cuckoo clock in Eble-Uhren-Park. Visit the website

In Schonach
The first world's largest cuckoo clock. Visit the website

In Triberg-Gremmelsbach on the route B 33
The 8 meters wide, hand-carved cuckoo clock The House of 1000 clocks. Visit the website

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