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Pilgrimage Church - "Wallfahrtskirche"

"Maria in der Tanne"

The roots of the pilgrimage in Triberg go back to the year 1644. This was the year, where little Barbara Francis was healed by the water of a nearby spring of her eye complaint. Only a year later happened another miracle: the tailor Friedrich Schwab was released of his leprosy, by water of the source.

In gratitude, he placed a small statue of “Mary” into the hollow of a pine tree - hence the name of the church: “Maria in der Tanne”.

No one remembered the statue, until in 1692 three Tyrolean soldiers discovered the statue again. They were intended by a lovely song. At first, there was built a wooden chapel and later then a simple stone chapel between 1699-1705, the current “Wallfahrtskirche”.

The church offers the visitor a baroque splendor. Particularly beautiful is the high altar and the pulpit of the Villinger sculptor Schupp.

In a charming location, besides the pilgrimage church you will find the “Mesnerhäuschen”. The small half-timbered house is the second oldest building of Triberg since 1697. The “Mesnerhäuschen” (sacristans house) is not only served as a residence for the “Mesner” (sacristan), but also the particular brother of pilgrimage and the priest.

1913, the city acquired the house, and built the first museum of Triberg until since 1940 the owner again is the church.


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