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Stadt Triberg (Druckversion)

Tower of "Stöcklewald" - "Stöcklewaldturm"

Popular rest place and place of excursions

Climb the 127 steps to the observation deck and enjoy the panoramic view of the Swabian Alb and the Alps!

On the middle course of the “Schwarzwaldverein”, the “Stöcklewaldturm” is a very popular tourist attraction to have a rest. You can relax with 45 seats, snacks, coffee and cake!

The “Stöcklewaldturm” is also well known to the amateur radio operators.
The “Stöcklewaldrelais” – with 1.100 meters the second highest in Germany –
is casting the radio messages of the amateur radio operators and sends them on to greater achievement.

More information at the local chapter of the “Schwarzwaldverein, Triberg e.V.”
or  “Stöcklewaldturm”, 78120 Furtwangen-Rohrbach, Phone: +49 (0) 7722 4167